2019 Village Photo

Silicon Village is rethinking and redesigning our web presence. We are planning to attend the 2022 Burn - check back here for contact information.

We are one of the largest and liveliest Villages of Theme Camps at Burning Man, with up to 260 campers, mostly from Silicon Valley. We have over 959 people connected to the Village in our Facebook Group.  We offer four fabulous benefits:

  1. We try hard to earn “rockstar” placement (often near Center Camp). We're at 4:30 & E for 2022!
  2. We have a place allocated to you before you arrive
  3. You get 24-hour power,
  4. and a friendly home.

We strive to get great placement by being registered as a Village with massive art, events and social interactivity.

To camp with us in Silicon Village, you are expected to:

No biggie – just 3 easy steps to fun!

Many of our campers are remarkable contributors to Burning Man outside Silicon Village. They include volunteers at the Artery, Playa Info, Rangers, Medical tents, Gate, Center Camp, and Perimeter. Many of our campers have been active on Burning Man committees and have helped shape Burning Man policy.

Several large art installations have originated from Silicon Village (SV). Art cars from Silicon Village transport Black Rock City (BRC) citizens from all camps around the Playa. Numerous events have been started and operated by SV campers. The influence of Silicon Village now extends beyond our camp, the Playa, Burning Man, Silicon Valley and even into the wider world beyond.

Take action to step up another level with us and pARTicipate! 

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